Life Update!

Hi guys! I am SO sorry I have been neglecting you! I have been super busy, I started school a couple weeks ago at California State University, San Marcos (my first semester there) and last week I started my new job as the assistant high school cheer coach at a local high school! I have been so swamped with schoolwork and work but don’t think that I forgot about you.

In this post I just wanted to give you guys a little life update; so as I said, I started school a couple weeks ago…although I am not taking a full 4 classes (I am only taking 3 and trust me, I tried for 4) the amount of schoolwork and driving I am doing is insane. I take classes three days a week, two of those days starting at 7:30 am which means I leave my house around 6:00 am, 5:45 am if I decide I want to take the train that day. If you know me then you know I am absolutely NOT a morning person so this has been extremely hard for me to do since I usually wake up around 10:00 am every day…I haven’t missed a class yet (I am very surprised). My classes are interesting so that is probably why I enjoy going to them, I am a Child Development major so right now I am taking three different psychology classes. I am also trying to figure out what I really want to do after I earn my Bachelors Degree…I have been pretty set on wanting to become a teacher for either third or fourth grade but recently I have been looking into social work, so if anyone could give me pros/cons for both I would really appreciate the feedback! Well, done with the boring stuff, let me tell you about my new job! I love it, so there’s that. The head coach that I work with is literally AWESOME. We both grew up with one of the same cheer coaches so we have very similar outlooks when it comes to cheer. I have already learned so much from her and it has only been a week, I can’t even imagine everything I am going to learn from her after this first year. The girls are all super sweet and it’s so fun to watch these girls do and act almost exactly how I acted when I was in high school. I am sure I will have more to say about it after a month or so but right now all I need to tell you is I love it so far and I can’t wait for what’s to come with! Another fun thing, my friend Lexie & I just bought Museum of Ice Cream tickets for the one in San Francisco! So in January we are going to make it a trip and go to SF, I know it’ll be super fun! I am also going to Michigan in a couple of weeks! I am going with my dad and brother for the Michigan vs Michigan State game and also the Detroit Lions vs Carolina Panthers game. We are also going to spend a day in Windsor, Canada; which I am SO excited for! I have wanted to go to Canada for so long so I am excited to finally check it out! That is all for this life update, once again, I am so sorry for neglecting you guys and it won’t happen again! Thanks for reading!

xo, Tay


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