Mini Vacay

Every year (for the past 6 years) my boyfriend, Forrest, and I go to one of the Cubs vs. Padres games at Petco Park in San Diego. My boyfriend is a die hard Cubs fan and I have, over time become a loyal fan as well! Side note; it was so cool to watch the Cubs win the World Series last year!! Oh and if you didn’t know, which I hope all of you do, I’m talking about the Chicago Cubs baseball team…I really hope everyone knew that, but if not…then that’s what i’m talking about! So this year we decided to stay the night in San Diego the night of the game so we could have a mini getaway! It was super fun! We drove down to San Diego Wednesday (May 31, 2017) morning and went to the game that started at 12:40pm. We had a great time & great seats, unfortunately the Cubs did not pull out a win for us this year like they usually do..but that didn’t ruin our little vacay. After the game we went back to the hotel room and tv and relaxed because we were super tired from waking up kinda early that morning. Around 4:00pm we went to get dinner at a local brewery called The Local Eatery & Drinking Hole ,which was super good! I got the Fiesta Salad & Forrest got the Big Wet Burrito. After we finished up dinner we walked around the downtown area and I saw a Ghirardelli so we had to go in there! We both ordered the Nob Hill Chill, which is like a chocolate malt with fudge and mini chocolate chips on top! Simple but super good! That about wrapped up our night, we headed back to the hotel and got in our pajamas, I caught up on one of my favorite Youtube channels, Acacia & Jairus ,and Forrest finished watching a baseball game that was on, then we watched Ted and passed out. You guys know I am a little foodie so of course I had a place I wanted to go before we ended out mini trip. So when we woke up the next morning, on our way home, we stopped by a place I have seen all over instagram, Holy Matcha. It’s this cute little matcha cafe and the whole color scheme is pink & green and I fell in love! It was the most adorable little place and not only is it a place dedicated to my favorite thing (matcha) but it is completely dairy free, which is always a plus since I try to not consume a lot of dairy. I got an iced matcha latte and Forrest got a horchata matcha latte, (both made with almond milk) they were both really good! After that we headed back to Orange County. That about wrapped up our mini vacay! It was so fun & we are looking forward to trying to do them more often! Here are some photos from our mini vacay! Enjoy!

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xo, Tay


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