I need to tell you all about my new obsession for a little over a week now…Barre3 ! For all you Orange County people! I know of two locations here right now, Laguna Niguel (which is the one I go to) and San Clemente (they are also opening a location in Ladera Ranch soon)! It is so awesome if you’re looking to tone your body and build muscles. It’s a class where pilates meets yoga and it makes you feel like you can do anything in the world! I usually take classes in the late morning because I am most definitely not an early morning person but it is the BEST way to start your day! The classes are all about getting your heart rate up, building those muscles, stretching and focusing on your breathing while doing all of the above. The class sessions are a full hour where your teacher can choose to use weights, the ball, bands and the ballet bars throughout the hour. Another thing I like about it is you schedule all of your classes online and you can book them for awhile out (I have booked all of my classes already for the next month so I have a set class schedule). If you are looking for a new workout to try I recommend trying Barre3! You get to try your first class free and for first timers who want to join, they have a special where you pay $99 for an unlimited month (that’s what I am doing right now and I am doing over 20 classes in the month!) I am not sure on the pricing yet for after my month is up but right now they are also doing a sale for existing members where it is $144 for 10 classes so the pricing is a little high but definitely worth it! I’m going to link the Barre3 website below and I encourage everyone who reads this post to at least look into it and maybe even give it a try!



xo, Tay


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