J’s Cuisine

YUMMY-NESS ALERT! Found my new favorite Korean fusion restaurant in Fullerton, CA; J’s Cuisine ( 114 W Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832 ). My friend Nicole & I decided we would go try a restaurant we had seen pictures of that looked really good, so we ventured to Fullerton (by ventured I mean drove about 30-45 minutes lol). We were so excited when we got there because the exterior was super cute, it’s in Downtown Fullerton (the SOCO District) down a cute little ally way. We walked in and the vibes were great, all of the staff was super nice and welcoming, telling us all about the menu items and what we HAD to try. We ended up ordering two things and sharing them, we ordered the OG Burrito and the J’s Fully Loaded Ramen, both were amazing! The OG Burrito has bulgogi, kimchi, rice, lettuce and teriyaki sauce in it and is a good size to eat solely as your meal or to split with someone! The J’s Fully Loaded Ramen has Korean Chili Ramen with bulgogi, cheese, corn, green onion, bean sprout, carrot, kimchi and an egg on top! The ramen was definitely my favorite out of the two things we got and it was what I went there for! The ramen is HUGE! It comes in a pretty good size stone bowl, more than enough to share, Nicole & I shared it and didn’t even finish it because there was so much! They also have sliders, more burritos, more ramen, and different orders of fancy fries on their menu, of course we couldn’t try everything in one sitting but I have no doubt that everything else on the menu is just as good as the stuff we tried. Definitely worth our little drive up there, if you’re ever in the area craving some good ramen or Korean food, I would highly recommend J’s Cuisine! Down below i’m going to post some pictures I took of the restaurant and the food, I will also post a link to the J’s Cuisine website if you would like to check it out!

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J’s Cuisine 

xo, Tay


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