My Two Favorite Humans

My two favorite humans. Callan Paisley & Liam Christopher. Putting into words how much love I have for these two is going to be hard because I feel like I can’t even describe it with words (but I will try my best) and I can guarantee you tears will be shed (out of happiness of course!).


Callan Paisley. I still remember everything about the day (early early morning) she was born. I got a text from my best friend, Audrey around midnight or so on November 25,2014; telling me she thinks she’ll be coming soon. I was SO excited! I had been awaiting this little ones arrival for nine months and was ready to spoil her silly (even though I was spoiling her already when she was still in the belly). That night I tried to stay up as late as I could just waiting for that text, call or facetime telling me she was born and seeing how perfect she was, but of course I fell asleep..I remember waking up around 6am ish to texts with pictures of Callan and I just started bawling because I couldn’t believe MY best friend brought this perfect human into the world (& into my life). She was the most perfect, pure and beautiful human I had ever seen. Later on that afternoon I had went to go meet her and I instantly felt this new kind of love that I had never felt before for this little baby I had just met. I knew right then that she would have me wrapped around her little finger forever. Callan is now two years old, which is SO crazy since I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel so extremely thankful to have her in my life. She has such a personality; she is sassy, sweet, adorable…oh and did I say perfect?! She loves when I pick her up and hold her up above my head with one hand and she loves to scream and jump on me (will literally do this for 30 minutes and not get tired of it). She calls me “Tay” and everytime she says it I melt a little inside. I love her little hand holds and when she decides to sit on my lap when we watch movies. I love her so much, I could go on & on about her but I’m going to try to keep this post simple because I don’t want to give her all away. You’ll see plenty more of her on here and if you follow my instagram, because she’s a majority of what I post.

Now let’s talk about the other little one who makes my heart so full, Liam Christopher. I am actually related to him (lol) and he’s actually not considered my “nephew” but my second cousin, I think…but I think nephew sounds better. Liam Christopher is my cousins son/my other best friend, Olivia’s son. Yes, my high school best friend is married to my cousin…can’t say I was happy about it when it it all began but I can say that I am now. I mean how cool is it that my best friend since I was 15 is apart of my family?! My family is extremely close knit, as you will find out in future posts, so I see Olivia and Liam often, including when I spend time with them separately.

My bond with Liam came about a month or so after he was born, due to the fact that I wasn’t living in Southern California at the time and couldn’t leave school to come down to see him…BUT that sure didn’t make our bond anything less than special. When I got pictures of Liam the night he was born I also cried (I am a cryer, you will soon find that out). I cried for two reasons; because of how perfect he was and because I wasn’t there and knew I wouldn’t be able to meet him for at least a couple weeks. When I had finally come down to see him I was so excited, I went right over to Olivia’s and just wanted to hold him forever. He was so precious and delicate and I was so happy once again because a perfect baby was brought into my life! And again, I felt this crazy feeling of insane love I had for this child. I didn’t think my heart was big enough to have this much for anything or anyone but of course, Callan and Liam proved me wrong. Liam is almost one year old!! (will be one on March 23rd and we are going to Disneyland!) He has such a great personality, he loves when I tell him i’m going to get him and tries to “run”/crawl away from me laughing uncontrollably, he LOVES when auntie Tay feeds him his puffs (just like the little king he is), he loves to give kisses and just recently he started standing by himself without the support of something else. It was the cutest thing, actually the other day I was taking pictures of him and Olivia for his birthday and he stood for the first time by himself, for about 20 seconds, and I caught a couple pictures of it!! It made my heart so happy, especially knowing the fact that I was there and got to see it first hand (and also snag some cute pictures). I know this post is getting long and it’s my first post and I don’t want to give everything away so i’m going to officially leave it at this!

Basically, these two tiny humans are the absolute holders of my heart. If you want to see more frequent updates and pictures of them be sure to follow my instagram and/or follow my blog!

xo, Tay




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