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Some of you may already know me, but for those of you who just so happened to stumble on my page...Hi! My name is Taylor. I'm a 22-year-old living in Southern California. I love to go to cute coffee shops, Disneyland (of course) , spend time with my niece & nephew and live life with... Continue Reading →

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Zoomars Petting Zoo

My friend Audrey & I always go to downtown San Juan Capistrano (Los Rios Street to be exact) when we want to just have a laid back day, we always get our coffee at Hidden House and then walk up and down the street, take some pictures of Callan by all the pretty flowers and... Continue Reading →

Hayley & Sophie

Here are some photos I took of a super cute mom & daughter duo! & of course I had to get some shots of momma by herself! We took these pictures in the Los Rios District of San Juan Capistrano, you have to be super careful when taking pictures there because a lot of the small businesses... Continue Reading →

Reunion & A Wedding

I don't think I have posted anything about this yet but, from August 2015-June 2016 I lived in Chico, CA and attended California State University, Chico. For people who know me personally they know that I struggled while living there and it was not always the fun college experience one would hope for when moving... Continue Reading →

Mini Vacay

Every year (for the past 6 years) my boyfriend, Forrest, and I go to one of the Cubs vs. Padres games at Petco Park in San Diego. My boyfriend is a die hard Cubs fan and I have, over time become a loyal fan as well! Side note; it was so cool to watch the... Continue Reading →

The Lyons Family

Since I've been getting more serious into photography a lot of my friends have been asking me to take photos for them! And of course I say yes! I love taking photos in general but I extra love taking photos of my good friends! So one of my best friends, Olivia asked me to take... Continue Reading →

Allie’s Maternity Photos

So I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am not a professional photographer but I am aspiring to get more into photography because I absolutely love it! My good friend Allie is pregnant and was looking to get some maternity photos done and she came to me..yeah to say I was... Continue Reading →

Flower Child

YUMMY FOOD POST// Flower Child is by far one of the cutest restaurants i've been to, there's so many cute little paintings on the walls, beautiful accents throughout the whole place and the vibes are so welcoming and laid back. This restaurant is a healthy one, they do have vegetarian and vegan options but also... Continue Reading →


I need to tell you all about my new obsession for a little over a week now...Barre3 ! For all you Orange County people! I know of two locations here right now, Laguna Niguel (which is the one I go to) and San Clemente (they are also opening a location in Ladera Ranch soon)! It is... Continue Reading →

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