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Some of you may already know me, but for those of you who just so happened to stumble on my page...Hi! My name is Taylor. I'm a 23-year-old living in Southern California. I love to go to cute coffee shops, Disneyland (of course) , spend time with my niece & nephew and live life with... Continue Reading →

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My First Trip To NYC

Last weekend I took my first trip to New York City! I've been wanting to go to NYC for as long as I can remember and it was so worth the wait! I'm going to tell you guys a few things that I did and I feel were staples in making my short trip so... Continue Reading →

Feelin’ 24

Hi guys! I feel like I'm not able to blog a lot these days or there's nothing really for me to blog about...I'm kind of stuck in a rut thinking about things to talk about on here and i'm just waiting to go on all of my trips so I can post about them here,... Continue Reading →

My week in Nashville

This past week I visited Nashville, TN with my mom and my aunt Kasey; we went there for the CMA Fest, which is a huge country music festival that airs on television in August. It is a four day festival but a whole week of partying in downtown Nashville. Downtown Nashville is a party all... Continue Reading →

Coffee Dose

Coffee Dose is the cutest little coffee shop in Costa Mesa, it is a little corner inside of the East Eighteenth Salon with a super cute outside patio on the side of the building. The vibe inside is super cute and laid back and not to mention, they have some good specialty coffee drinks. I got... Continue Reading →

Paige & Greg

As most of you know, I dabble in photography on the side and I really enjoy it! I love taking photos, especially of couples & babies, they make my heart flutter! Here are some photos from my latest shoot with Paige & Greg! xo, Tay

The *not so* Happy Place

As you can tell from the title of this post, I am going to talk about the not so happy, Happy Place Museum in LA. This past weekend I visited the Happy Place with my friend Audrey and her daughter Callan and it was fun of course because WE made it fun but the people... Continue Reading →

The Flower Fields Round Two

I would like to start off this post by saying I am so sorry I have been MIA from blogging these last couple months! School and work are kicking my butt, I have been so busy and haven't really been able to go do many exciting things, let alone blog about exciting things...But let this... Continue Reading →

SF Mini Vacay + MOIC

Hi guys! I know it has been awhile since i've posted, I have been super busy and I am trying to start a YouTube channel so I have kind of had my blog on the back burner but I will not do that anymore!! So anyways, my friend Lexie and I planned a little mini... Continue Reading →

Liam Christopher Lyons

Today i'm going to tell you guys about a very special little boy I have in my life, my little cousin, Liam! Liam's momma, Olivia, is my best friend and has been my best friend since we were 16 years old (bffs for seven years!!) and Liam's daddy is actually my cousin, Chris. So funny... Continue Reading →

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